Carrollton Station 3

AKA "The Ambulance Barn"

In June of 1998 we opened Station 3 in scenic Carroll County. Our present station is located on a 17 1/2 acre facility located at 1423 Canton Road, in a historic bank barn built in 1867. This station houses part of our administrative offices, a training center for CPR/First Aid, a mini ambulance museum, and our 24 hour medic crews.

When we decided it was time to relocate, we found that it was much better to revitalize and restore a beautiful and historic barn than to simply build a new building. This barn was restored for less than the cost of a new facility, because much of the work was done by by our own people. We are proud to call it home!

This very large 3 story location can house 9 ambulances and up to 20 crew members.

This station is also equipped to handle emergency dispatch and administrative operations in the event that our Central Dispatch Center or administrative offices are ever disabled for any reason.

Thank You Carroll County for your support! Our local emergency phone numbers are:

Carrollton - 330-627-0000

Malvern - 330-863-3333