Life Link Memberships

We are one of the few ambulance providers which continue to offer memberships or subscriptions. We have thousands of subscribers, and will continue to offer this program for our customers in the future.

You do not have to be a member to use our services, but membership has many positive benefits!

An ambulance charge can range from $200.00 to as high as $900.00 or more. Each time you call for our ambulance services, we bill your insurance, and any amount not covered by your health insurance coverage will be covered by your membership.

Yearly memberships to our service start as low as $10.00 and are no higher than $25.00 for a family with dependent children living at home. Members have no out-of-pocket expenses for medically necessary ambulance needs (doctor's office visits excluded). We will bill your insurance carrier, and accept their payment as payment in full for services rendered. Should you be without medical insurance, we are unable to to provide you with "no charge" service due to federal guidelines. You will be billed at the lowest rates we have negotiated with insurance payers, however, which will offer you substantial savings over our standard ambulance charges.

Although we send you a card, you do not need to carry this card with you. You are tracked on our computer system by your social security number and advised by mail prior to expiration of your membership. This prevents you from having to search for a lost card during an emergency.

Membership Rates:

Individual Membership $15.00/yr.
Couple Membership $20.00/yr.
Family Membership $25.00/yr.
Nursing Home Resident $10.00/yr.

Some key Benefits

Email us to request a subscription

Life Link Memberships are available to residents in all of our service areas except for residents of the City of Massillon.